Kristaps Kalva and Ludivine Brangbour split
Ако не искаш да виждаш тези реклами Стани член!
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Kristaps Kalva and Ludivine Brangbour split

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After nearly 2 years of dancing together Kristaps Kalva and Ludivine Brangbour decided to split up. They represented Latvia and were Latvian Amateur Latin champions in 2016 and consistently the number one in the national ranking table through 2015 and 2016. They represented their country in the European and World Latin Championships. See more results.

As a couple, Kristaps and Ludvine feel they reached the point when they are ready to go in different directions. They would like to thank all their sponsors, their parents, their coaches and others who always helped and supported them.

They are both looking for new dancing partners.

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