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Articles (април 2016)

Interview with Adam Hathazi and Morgana Lakatos-Hayward

Публикувана в понеделник, 25 апр 2016, 21:40 от admin | 0 коментара
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We had a pleasure to interview the young winners of Amateur Rising Star Latin of UK Open 2016 - Adam Hathazi and Morgana Lakatos-Hayward. They dance for Canada. You should concentrate on the day, on your performance, on what you've got in yourself but not on the judging Congratulations! Are you happy? [Morgana]: Very happy [Adam...

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Interview with Aleksandr Kalenyuk and Olena Ablitsova

Публикувана в вторник, 12 апр 2016, 22:29 от admin | 0 коментара
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We talked to Aleksandr Kalenyuk and Olena Ablitsova, winners of the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom competition at the UK Open 2016, which took part in Bournemouth (England) in January. Sasha and Olena both come from Ukraine but recently moved to Italy and they represent that country now. If we see something in [another couple] style which we think...

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