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Новини (април 2017)

Brendan Pierce and Katerina Samonas dance together

Публикувана в вторник, 11 апр 2017, 21:13 от admin | 0 коментара
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We have received an information about new partnership between Brendan Pierce and Katerina Samonas. They will represent Ireland. See their profile page. Brendan with his former partner of nearly three years were national Irish Amateur Latin champions. Katerina comes from Greece but with previous partners represented Italy. Brendan and Kate...

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Interview with Gianni Caliandro and Arianna Esposito

Публикувана в петък, 07 апр 2017, 22:38 от admin | 0 коментара
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Next day after winning the Professional Rising Star Ballroom at the UK Open 2017, Gianni Caliandro and Arianna Esposito found some time for the not-so-short interview. They were all made up, because they had some break between dancing the morning and evening rounds of the Professional Ballroom event. Arianna and Gianni come from the same pla...

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