Maurizio Vescovo to dance with Andra Vaidilaite

Maurizio Vescovo to dance with Andra Vaidilaite

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After we have asked Maurizio if rumors have been true, he has confirmed to us that he is indeed dancing with Andra Vaidilaite. Maurizio Vescovo has recently split with Melinda Törökgyörgy, with whom they were 8 times Hungarian Champions and won all the major titles as Amateurs before turning professionals. Andra, with Grygoriy Boldyrev have been in several international finals (indeed won some of them).

As Maurizio is Italian who was representing Hungary for the last 10 years, and Andra is from Lithuania who was dancing for Canada - they have some task on their hands deciding which country to represent. They are still making their decision on this matter.

The rest - as Maurizio said "is a surprise"...

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alexmoreau понеделник, 05 окт 2009, 06:55

It would suprise me more than anything if they represent canada, european championship and everything... I think they will go for lithuania since di filippo is dancing for Italy Maurizio will probably opt for lith.

nazkada вторник, 29 сеп 2009, 12:19

 Congratulations!  and  best  of  luck   my  friend  . from Naz kada  Australia

markdancer123 понеделник, 28 сеп 2009, 20:57

Maurizio!!! Maurizio!!! Maurizio!!!

nazic неделя, 27 сеп 2009, 23:55

Hey i wish they represent canada and kick the Paramonov's ass.  Go Marizio.  You are the best.  Then if you would live in the country of Canada i would basically go their every weekend with my partner to take lessons from him.  You guys are going to make the final easily.  No doubt.  I hope to see you guys in Ohio Star Ball maybe this year.  Maybe you guys should compete for the United States.  That would be awesome and then you would kick Eugene and Maria's ass.  Wish the best of luck to you guys.


ninoflamenco неделя, 27 сеп 2009, 18:20

 Buena suerte, Maurizio!!!

shinning неделя, 27 сеп 2009, 18:17

I wish this couple the best of luck.  Maurizio has a great personality!

rx1 неделя, 27 сеп 2009, 11:56

The hell of a good dancer! Go maurizio go!!!

nazic неделя, 27 сеп 2009, 07:11

 Yah go marizio