Alano Gouveia and Serena Lecca split

Alano Gouveia and Serena Lecca split

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After almost 3 years of dancing together, Alano Gouveia and Serena Lecca decided to terminate their dancing partnership. Alano is South African and Serena Lecca is Italian, and together they finished their partnership representing South Africa. One of their results have been finalists of the European Professional Latin American Show dance. See their results.

Alano had written this on his facebook page: "A new year brings me some new adventures BUT with the same Goals and Dreams! Unfortunately Serena and myself have split but I would like to publicly thank and appreciate the opportunity and growth I had with this amazing dancer.

She has so much to offer the dance world and I wish people would realize this and take advantage of her knowledge and experience. What she has achieved, experienced and endured.....No many have or are willing to do. Serena was a Legend in my eyes when I first met her and still is! "

Alano is currently looking for a partner

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