Interview with Danil Dobrovolskiy and Anastasiya Malovana

Interview with Danil Dobrovolskiy and Anastasiya Malovana

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We talked to Danil Dobrovolskiy and Anastasiya Malovana, winners of the UK Open 2018 Amateur Rising Star Ballroom. Danil and Anastasiya won the Under 21 Ballroom and Amateur Rising Star Ballroom in Blackpool too! What a fantastic result.

Congratulations! UK Open is one of the best competitions to win, isn't it?

[Danil]: Yes, thank you. We are very happy

OK, let's start with the usual question. How did you start dancing?

[Danil]: I started when I was six years old. I am eighteen now, so I am dancing for twelve years.

[Anastasiya]: I started when I was very, very young. My parents also danced, so I am dancing all my life. I don't even remember when it started.


[Danil]: In my town of Lugansk in Ukraine

[Anastasiya]: And I am from Dnepropetrovsk

Did you start with both Ballroom and Latin?

[Both]: Yes

What was your first competition?

[Anastasiya]: I don't even remember (laughing)

[Danil]: It was probably something like "Little Stars" (laughing). Some local competition.

What about your first partners? Do you remember them?

[Anastasiya]: Oh yes (laughing)

[Danil]: We both first started in Baby category, Under 6 and then Under 10. Then in Junior. In 2014 I came to Kiyv to dance with Mariya Polischuk. She is now dancing with Igor Reznik.

[Anastasiya]: I moved to Kiyv when I started to dance with Danil.

So how did you start dancing together? Did you know each other before?

[Danil]: Yes, we knew each other from various Ukrainian competitions and championships.

[Anastasiya]: When I danced with my previous partner I already knew I wanted to end up dancing with Danil. He is quite a good dancer (laughing). I felt that we could be good together.

So who arranged your partnership then?

[Anastasiya]: When my partnership ended I asked my parents to contact his coach because I knew he was also now looking for a partner. They talked to Danil's teacher and we got a try-out.

And how was that day?

[Anastasiya]: It was the 14th February (laughing)

[Danil]: I did not dance for couple of months, I was fat (laughing)

I don't believe you!

[Anastasiya]: Yes (laughing). He was heavier!

Did you enjoy that day, was it an instant success?

[Anastasiya]: I came wearing jeans, without shoes and had to ask a friend to borrow her shoes. I was in Kyiv only for few hours, on my way home, because I returning from snowboarding in Slovakia and did not have any dancing gear with me. I looked like I walked into this try-out straight from the street.

OK, so you walk into the studio and you see this "fat" guy...

[Anastasiya]: (Laughing) He was quite good, really! Now he is better, slimmer.

Where do you practice now?

[Danil]: We go to a studio in Kyiv

[Anastasiya]: Two big dancing schools use this hall.

Who are your teachers?

[Anastasiya]: Our main teacher is in Kyiv, other teachers generally come to Kyiv and we have lessons with them there.

[Danil]: We have a lot of dance camps, every two, three months and a lot of teachers come to us.

[Anastasiya]: We have training camps before every big competition and a lot of teachers from the other countries come there and we have a chance to have lessons.

Teachers from what countries?

[Anastasiya]: From England, from Russia...

[Danil]: Two weeks ago we had Jonathan Wilkins and Leonid Pletnev.

What do you like to do outside of dancing?

[Anastasiya]: I like to draw. I study Graphic Design in Kyiv. Daniel: I don't have time to do anything else. I am in the dance studio from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening.

Do you have any friends, go to parties?

[Anastasiya]: Our friends are all dancers, and we go to the dance parties after competitions or during training camps (laughing).

[Danil]: We have a small circle of friends, all dancers. And we all do the same things.

Are you in the University?

[Anastasiya]: Yes but I hardly ever go there actually because of all the competitions and training. So I don't socialise with anybody there.

So you do not have any time for any private life?

[Anastasiya]: Our whole life is about dancing. We don't even have time for girlfriends/boyfriends... no.

Who is creating your choreography?

[Danil]: Our trainers Maksym Bulanyy and Kateryna Spasitel.

Who is designing your dresses?

[Anastasiya]: It is myself and a lady who makes them for me. She is actually one of the best Ballroom dress designers in Ukraine. In fact, all my dresses, for as long as I am dancing, were made by her.

Do you often argue?

[Anastasiya]: Well, the problem is that if he has an opinion about something he stubbornly sticks to it. I am the same. So we cannot resolve it.

And who wins?

[Danil]: Guess! (laughing)

What do you like about dancing?

[Danil]: I love winning. I like that all the hard work, and all the practice pays back at the competition.

[Anastasiya]: The competitive part of dancing is important for us. But I also like to look my best on the floor. I like to dress up, to make up, I like to create my look the way I like it. I like the moment I walk onto the floor and show ourselves in front of the audience. It gives me a lot of pleasure to keep people's attention and perform for them. I enjoy everything, backstage and being on the floor.

[Danil]: I like sport anyway. When I have some free time I like to go to the gym or play football.

What else do you like doing?

[Anastasiya]: I like to play computer games like Fallout or Witcher. I am obsessed about them (laughing)! I enjoy making connections, do tasks, I like role play.

What do you use computer for?

[Danil]: She uses it for games. I don't use computers unless for my studies. I study the Physical Education at the University. For things like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, I just use my phone.

[Anastasiya]: I am obsessed with Instagram.

[Danil]: Me too

[Anastasiya]: I love to put beautiful pictures there. My own (laughing).

Do you have a lot of followers?

[Anastasiya]: Quite a lot. But I want more (Laughing).

What do you like to eat?

[Anastasiya]: Delicious food, any kind!

[Danil]: I try to keep diet. At breakfast I just have cereal, for lunch or dinner I have a piece of chicken and salad. But every time I come to England for competitions I let myself eat some other nice things like English breakfast.

[Anastasiya]: I am also on diet normally. But here in England we let ourselves to eat fried bread and bacon. It is delicious.

[Danil]: Every time I am back from England I am 1-2 kilos heavier! So it is back on a diet for me (laughing)

Are you often in England?

[Anastasiya]: We come for all the big competitions. First time we came to Blackpool last year, we danced the Under 21 and we were second! And made the final in Amateur Rising Star Ballroom.

Fantastic! Do you come for lessons as well?

[Danil]: No, but we would like to. Perhaps in few months.

Is England expensive for you?

[Anastasiya]: Yes, it is.

Do your parents come with you?

[Anastasiya]: My parents often come with us, but they did not come this time.

[Danil]: My parents never come.

Did you come here just two of you?

[Danil]: It was the whole team with our coach, so we came in a group. We travelled together, the same flight.

What are you plans for after this competition?

[Danil]: Maybe I will take a short time off and visit my grandma.

[Anastasiya]: I may go home to see my parents, but not sure yet. It will be just a short break and back to the practice hall.

I guess your parents were very happy yesterday when you called and told them about winning? Or have they expected it?

[Anastasiya]: I called them, but my father already knew (laughing). They hoped for it of course.

Will there be any celebrations back home?

[Danil]: Maybe, but we are not planning anything. We may meet together or maybe go out with all the dancers who were here. But, believe me, we will be back in the practice hall very soon.

Do you like movies?

[Danil]: Action movies

[Anastasiya]: Maybe some historical movies, I don't know. Also comedies.

Do you like reading books?

[Anastasiya]: I like that but no time... I also like watching TV series (laughing)

Ukrainian ones?

[Anastasiya]: No, I don't actually like Ukrainian or Russian movies and prefer things like Game of Thrones. It is kind of historical....

Hmmm, it is rather fantasy

[Anastasiya]: OK, it is fantasy but you can imagine it might have been like this. I watched all seven seasons of it.

Where do you like to go for holidays?

[Danil]: I would like to go to the seaside. I think that would be my favourite holiday, swim in some warm seas.

You are here in Bournemouth, it is a sea side... OK, maybe it is not ideal in January!

[Anastasiya]: I like snowboarding and also water skiing, or rather wake boarding. It is the same thing as snowboarding but on water. Actually wake boarding is easier than water skiing.

What are your dreams?

[Danil]: Win everything! And then to work as a very good trainer.

All your dreams are about dancing?

[Anastasiya]: Oh, some of them include owning a nice car, a nice flat...

Or be a great graphic designer?

[Anastasiya]: No, no. I only study Graphic Design but I don't see this as a profession. My profession will be dancing, for sure.

All the best, may your dreams come true! Thank you for talking to us.

All photos taken on the day by Peter Suba