Daniil Tymoshenko and Mariya Lukovets split

Daniil Tymoshenko and Mariya Lukovets split

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After 5 years of dancing together Daniil Tymoshenko and Mariya Lukovets, who represented Ukraine, have decided to terminate their successful partnership. They become one of the best couples in the World in Youth category WDC. Their achievements include winning the Imperial Youth U21 Latin Dutch Open and WDCAL Disney World Under19 Latin and finals of Blackpool and the International in the same category. See more results

They wrote: We would like to thank our beloved teachers Roman Myrkin and Nataliia Biedniagina for everything what they are doing for us, all our couches, families and sponsors, “AIDA” for all your amazing support, Thank You!

Daniil and Mariya will continue their dancing career and both are looking for a new dance partner.