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Новини (септември 2017)

Nikolai Voronovich and Maria Nikolishina retire from competitions

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After 17 years of dancing together, Nikolai Voronovich and Maria Nikolishina, decided to retire from competitive dancing. Nikolai and Maria represented Russia for the first 10 years of their partnership, and from 2010 they became Professionals and started dancing for USA. They were US Professional Latin bronze-medalists last year. See more results....

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Dario Pizzo and Karen D'albundo split

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After 11 years of dancing together Dario Pizzo and Karen D'albundo stopped dancing together. They were WDSF French Latin vice-champions, French Showdance champions and for the last three years French WDC Latin champions. They were semi-finalists or quarter-finalists of many international competitions in cluding Blackpool and UK Open. See mo...

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